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Brilliance is habit forming. There is no telling what we could each accomplish, if we just push the limits beyond our self-imposed boundaries. You might be a company that needs to inspire and motivate their employees, or an organization that needs to be reinvigorated. Either way Malcolm is a Speaker who inspires, motivates and gets results!


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Brink Thinking® is an approach to problem-solving and strategy building. It is rooted in courage and willingness to take risks: Brink Thinkers bring ideas to success by pushing through the boundaries. Learn how to shift your mindset to allow for the flexibility, creativity and absurdness that business and life ahead requires.

Malcolm walks you through the Brink Thinking process. What are the 4 Human Ailments and how can you remove those roadblocks to success?

Watch excerpts from Malcolm’s keynotes Brink Thinking and The 4 Human Ailments

When is taking a risk the only option?
When does the absurd become valid?
How do you Make the Leap?


Oh Yeah…. Says Who?

“You have what no one else has…..people need and welcome your unique blend of outrageousness….you engage everyone into thinking differently….the question isn’t whether or not the question is when….and that time is now! John

“Malcolm has a way of getting the best out of people. He inspires and challenges those around him through his intellect, creativity and unique personality.” Burney

“Interacting with him is like having your own batting machine that hits home runs time after time. He is a wonderful speaker and a fast growing “personality”. Thumbs up for Malcolm Out Loud!” Jane

“Malcolm is a visionary. He provides innovative thoughts, ideas and actions to those that request his advice and brings forth innovative and inspirational messages.” Terry


“In life we each get a handful of chances to come across people who are unique, smart, creative and authentic enough they defy classification. I wish I met more people like Malcolm in the business world. It would be a more exciting place.” Chuck

“Malcolm is the most unique individual to ever walk the face of this earth. He’s a high-energy businessman and his universe knows no size.” Angye

“On Coast to Coast with John B. Wells I was amazed with the honesty you spoke.” Martie

“My friend you speak absolutely from your heart and have articulated what I have been feeling for the last twenty years.” Carlo

“You are a talented, brilliant, powerful source of energy with a destiny and purpose.” Lorraine