WATCH: Break Throughs come from Break Downs Harry Dent

WATCH: Break Throughs come from Break Downs Harry Dent

Now is not the time to expand your business or hire employees! This is not the right time to make a career change or to take unnecessary chances with your job (provided you have one)! Right?

Wrong… if you believe that history repeats itself! According to Harry Dent, best selling author and economist… just like the 1930′s and the 1970′s…. Old industries break down, companies pull back to survive. Entrepreneurs come in, new niches open up. This downturn is going to weed out the weak and make the strong stronger.

When times are good, people are naturally inclined to jump in! They might start a new business, expand an existing one, or change their job to pursue a more lucrative opportunity. This creates a more competitive field, more people vying for the same opportunities. When the economy is weakened and times are more challenging for most… people are more cautious, they don’t jump as fast at the next opportunity. They are not inclined to start a new business, they’ll wait until times are better. Truth of the matter is, this creates a vacuum of need and opportunity. There are less people taking a piece of pie, leaving more pie for you!

The greatest business opportunities and investment opportunities come in history when things are down… and yet when most people are struggling… they don’t get it!

Break Throughs come from Break Downs… think about it.

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