Do You Scurry Like A Rat or Soar Like An Eagle?

Do You Scurry Like A Rat or Soar Like An Eagle?

I’ve never understood why anybody would want to be anyone other than themselves. Too many people live their entire existence trying to be like other people. We are creating a society of followers- everyone clawing their way to the top trying to be like the next gal or guy. We are taught at a young age the importance of conforming to society. We tell our kids what they should wear, how they should behave, and what they should believe. We ask “why can’t you be like everyone else”? We want our kids to conform to the rules, to blend in and not rock the boat. It’s easier that way, no confrontation and no worries. The problem is…you are discouraging and subduing the individuality and uniqueness of your kids. I believe many of these lessons are carried forward into adult life and become terribly difficult to shake.

The problem with blending in is that nobody will remember you. This can’t be a good thing when you’re out looking for a job! It can’t be a good thing when you want to excel within your career, and it can’t be a good thing in your social life! Don’t scurry like a rat, live life intentionally and OUT LOUD. If you’re too busy trying to follow and emulate someone else you will never be in a position to excel in the areas which truly define you!

We have become a society that is all too predictable.

Avoid the Rat Syndrome and rise above the crowd:

  1. Stop imitating the crowd and try new ways of doing old things
  2. Step up and lead by example, be the first to volunteer or to take a risk
  3. Be diametrical to the usual routine, change those basic habits in your life
  4. Justify the reasoning behind your involvement or actions, qualify decisions in your life
  5. Chart a new course that will take you in a different direction, plan the details
  6. Do things that make you stand out, be a non-trend follower
  7. Make a commitment to yourself that you will introduce two new things into your life every week
  8. Keep no boxes in your life, so that  you will never have to ‘think outside of the box’ again
If you’re ready to soar like an eagle, you must be ready to expand your wings! It takes a commitment to let old habits go, a desire to try new things and belief in your own convictions and dreams.

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