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Malcolm Out Loud is a national news and political commentator and the host of the WebTV channel www.MalcolmOutLoud.TV, home of his news magazine. He is also a published author, speaker and the talent behind a daily radio feature, the Out Loud Minute.
Every day Malcolm leads an assault on mediocrity, constantly inspiring others to get Out Loud in every aspect of their lives.

NATIONAL NEWS & POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: News, politics, society, business and culture are all subjects where Malcolm's opinion is sought after by radio and TV outlets nationwide on a daily basis. He has appeared on national shows such as Daybreak USA, CNN, The Big Biz Show with Sully, WCIB Chicagoland Radio, WOW FM, The James Lowe show, and many more. 




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About Malcolm Out Loud

Malcolm is a Brink Thinker who adeptly blends the left-brain side of business with his creative right-brain thinking. He launched his first business at eighteen years old. Soon thereafter he found his passion in his ability to influence others in the way they think, act and buy through the world of marketing. He has been described as a refreshing breath of air in an often stale and overcrowded boardroom filled by those lacking courage or vision. After finding success in building a worldwide full-service advertising and marketing agency - Malcolm realized that he wanted more from life than the daily grind of the agency business.

In launching Malcolm Out Loud, he brought to life his mission is to encourage others not to settle for average, but to breakthrough the traditional boundaries that hold each of us back from our true destiny. He engages everyone he meets in Brink Thinking. He encourages people to set their vision higher and make an impact in the world around them.



Misguided decision making?
Poor and sloppy execution?
Procrastination killing productivity?



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