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Charity Beck Expert Out LoudCharity Beck
Advocate of Positive Change & Publisher

 Charity's mission is to share stories, ideas, and actions that inspire educate, motivate and provide solutions that will result in a world-wide movement of positive change.

1. Being a resource of education for solutions
2. Being inspiration for solutions
3. Being encouragement for solutions




Barney Bishop Expert Out LoudBarney Bishop
Strategic Public Affairs

Barney focuses on governmental affairs at local/state/federal levels, and political affairs at state and federal level.

Biggest challenges in this field:
1. Jobs & the Economy
2. ObamaCare
3. Buffett Rule: Rich vs. Poor
4. Energy / Drilling
5. Smart Justice



Brian Patrick CorkBrian Patrick Cork Expert Out Loud
Cultural Architect   

Brian helps leaders make great decisions.

> Biggest challenges in this field:
Leaders struggle with transparency and taking chances.
Most leaders struggle with keeping-up with relevant technology



Deborah Cox Roush Deborah Cox Roush Expert Out Loud
Republican Strategist

Deborah holds political acumen and insights on the state and national electoral races and has worked with top Republicans on both National and State-wide races.

> Biggest challenges in this field: 2012 Presidential election and primary race; State Elections; How can we as leaders help grow the local and national economy?



Harry S. Dent Jr.
Ecomonic Forecaster & Author

Harry S. Dent helps people understand economic change

>The Author of numerous NY Times bestsellers, Harry S. Dent outlines in his most recent book The Great Crash Ahead why the next crash and crisis is inevitable, and just around the corner—coming between 2012 and 2014




Venus JonesVenus Jones Expert Out Loud
Women Empowerment Advocate, Poet

>Venus helps people align with their values reclaim and their own authentic and powerful voice.

>Venus's goal is to promote equality, diversity and social justice, through the written and spoken word.






Demetrius Minor Expert Out LoudDemetrius Minor
Conservative Political Commentator

Demetrius dedicated himself to advancing the Ministry of Politics: Connecting with people and their needs.

> Biggest challenges in this field: bringing positive change to the pressing issues of today: economy, jobs and social conscience.


Nadine Lajoie Expert Out Loud

Nadine Lajoie
Success Acceleration Coach

Nadine uses a unique combination of motorcycle racing and music live performances to bring education, inspiration and entertainment to the audience.

> Nadine Lajoie is an international speaker and best-selling author also known as the "Champion Motorcycle Racer who Sings like and Angel". She is a business expert that rose to international fame from Quebec. She "IN-Powers" people worldwide and was featured on TEDx, USA Today, ABC, CBS Money Watch



Kelly Murphy Expert Out LoudKelly Murphy
Health and Fitness Guru

Kelly aligns mind and body balance through fitness, as the mind and body are intricately connected and directed impact the quality of a person's life.

> Biggest challenges in this field: Obesity; Sedentary lifestyle-especially in the workplace; Lack of awareness as to the importance of understanding the "unconscious" mind and how that relates to our habits and behavior.







Will Rhame Expert Out LoudWill Rhame
Literacy and Education, Author


Will works to help stop illiteracy. He champions a new multi media, multi-disiplinary approach to reading and retention through his series The Voyagers.

>Biggest challenges in this field: Writing, Innovation Technology






Frank VernuccioFrank Vernuccio Expert Out Loud
Policy & Government

>Frank is the editor-in-chief of the “New York Analysis of Policy & Government”
the co-host of the radio show, “…And Nothing But The Truth” . He specializes in policy and government, military and national security affairs, Bill of Rights disputes and the U.S. Space Program.  








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